Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Start of an Experiment

I wanted to keep this blog going as a commentary on game design and the gaming business, but discovered a few problems:

a) I was very busy with work and personal projects and lacked time to really dedicate to a blog.

b) I found myself somewhat at a loss for starting points of content. I like to discuss things, but coming up with regular topics for discussion was a challenge.

One day I noticed a post at another gaming blog, NightmareMode.net, about the Pirate Kart massive indie gaming bundle. The author suggested that someone should base a blog off of playing all 313 games in the Pirate Kart bundle.

Sounds like a pretty great idea to me! I'm going to attempt to do just that over the next year, aiming for roughly one per day. It will give me a great source of content to talk about, hopefully some cool gaming finds, and I think I can keep it fairly fast paced.

I will play each game a minimum of 5 minutes. If I decide to give it a little more time, that's fine, but if it's awful I'm free of my obligation after 5 minutes (more time than most gamers would give a bad game). I will then write an entry on the game, concluding with a simple scoring rubric:

Polish: How good are the graphics, sound, and presentation, adjusted for the fact that most of these are very quickly-developed? (0 - 3 points)

Originality: As an indie game, originality is probably your greatest advantage - how well did you capitalize on this? (0 - 3 points)

Fun: Games should be fun too, right? (0 - 3 points)

Bonus point: A sort of fudge factor to keep everything even, add up to 10, and let me tweak a score slightly based on a gut reaction (0 - 1 point)

So, each game gets a nice tidy score out of 10. Hopefully this will be a fun and interesting experiment. I'm not going to commit to doing all 313 - if it turns out to either be boring, too low quality, or lacking any good discussion points on broader game design, I may abandon it. But here's hoping it works!


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