Monday, May 31, 2010

What is this blog?

I was trying to figure out what to do with this blog, so I think the best place to start for both any potential readers and myself is to simply lay out the intent and purpose. To be fully honest, the blog originated when I completed my first commercial game, CellCraft, and needed to put a website in the credits. I have a (somewhat neglected) blog called Pec's Picks, but it's primarily meant to be a fun and silly blog about whatever I happen to think is interesting. It certainly is not a professional website that I'd want to send people to if they were interested in working for me.

Thus, "Pec's Games" was born. For those who don't know, while my name is Anthony Pecorella, many of my friends (especially in band) referred to me simply as "Pec". I liked the name and so I've started using it occasionally. I'd actually love to build a sort of brand around it, so if people see the "Pec" monicker they'll know I'm involved in the project.

In any case, this blog is intended to be more focused on my professional interests, which are in the gaming field. It is not a game review blog, though I may do a few of those if I find a game to be particularly compelling or interesting. It is more of a blog for thoughts about game design, trends in gaming, the future of the games industry, etc. I hope to provide short essays with my opinions on various gaming subjects and would love if I could get discussions going in the comments. If nothing else, I can at least use the blog as a place to focus my thoughts and hopefully offer some insight to (and hopefully receive some from) other people in the industry.

So, without any further ado, I'll be posting my first essay (which is, incidentally, a repost from my other blog) shortly.


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